Inside the box there is an integrated mini pc that can be programmed in all functions,
eventually it is possible to ask for a pc with more performing features.
It works with Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X,
and with any Media player.

Serving Box applicazioni multimediali

The software installed on the product gives the possibility of
pilot it in all its functions and manage the automated opening door.

Free your immagination

Serving Box is suitable for multiple uses.
Depending on the software installed, it is possible to obtain original and amazing results.

  • Quiz – answer the questions and unlock the box
  • Video Games – Beat the highscore and win the prize

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Serving Box quiz interattivo
Serving Box giochi interattivi

The sensors in the front door recognize the presence of a person and allow the door to be opened.
The sensors on sides stop the movement.
Multiple safety levels locke the door in case the user put his hands inside the box during the movement.


Near the power socket, IP65 protected type, there is a reference to the network socket and the USB port.
A two-phase switch with silicone protection ensures a complete isolation of the Serving Box.
A led can be managed for alarm control.
A suitably protected fan ensures a recirculation of the hot air produced by the LED panel.


Through the door on the back side it is possible to insert the products inside the Serving Box.