Serving Box new concept

New solutions

Our team is constantly looking for innovative ideas and solutions for our customers.

  • Serving box refrigerated – to store and serve cold food (sushi, ice cream, cold drinks …).
  • Serving Box Matt – With a standard lcd screen

  • Serving Box locker – with door unlockable from pc

  • Serving Box drawer – for small objects, with unlocking from PC

These projects can be developed together according to your needs.

Serving box ricerca
Serving Box formati e dimensioni a scelta

New solutions

The basic model has a 21 ″ LCD panel in portrait.
The landscape solution and other new dimensions will be available soon.

  • Serving Box landscape 

  • New customized solutions

If you want a specific format, contact us to evaluate feasibility and costs.

A touch of colour

The color of the front door and the body can be adapted to all contexts and your brand!

Finally, based on your requests, we can also apply logos and stickers.

It is also possible apply a paint suitable for food inside.

Serving Box colori RAL

It is possibile to choose any color of the RAL scale.

To ensure proper functioning of the transparency, the interior of the box must be white.